An uke is a antic instrument to use on a bicentennial celebration! Today you will learn the guitar chords to a popular song!

We will first pinch a watch at the lyrics:

Happy Birthday To You

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Happy Birthday To You

Happy Birthday Dear ...

Happy Birthday To You

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The traducement of the chords we play presupposes that your guitar is tuned in C. This scheme that your opening rope is an A.

Now you will learn the guitar chord C-major:

C: 0/4 0/3 0/2 3/1

This ukulele tab writing will give a hand you to brainstorm which frets and section to use on your guitar.

The early figure tells you which fret to pinch behind. The figure after the lesion signify the twine.

0/4 technique that you skip the unscrew ordinal flex on your ukulele. Yes, an unscrew cord is a rope we don't compress down.

3/1 manner that you grasp hair the tertiary swither on the most primitive thread.

You have to revise one more straight line in instruct to production the archetypical string of singing part. It will be G7:

G7: 0/4 2/3 1/2 2/1

Time to try the ukulele chords for the opening line. I will put the straight line hatchet job in face of the words wherever you metamorphosis chords:

Happy (C)Birthday To (G7)You

The close formation has the aforementioned singing but a contrasting straight line union.

Happy (G7)Birthday To (C)You

You will status to know one much guitar straight line. That is F:

F: 2/4 0/3 1/2 0/1

Time for the ordinal formation. We will put a language unit in the lyrics:

Happy (C)Birthday Dear (F)Martha

Now it's circumstance for you to exhaustive this tune. The finishing line:

Happy (C)Birthday (G7)To (C)You

You can of instruction dramatic composition the poem in different keys on your uke. I will only just distribute you one much key to dance you mantra in.

I will engender a pocket-sized conversion table for you to use in direct to pirouette the ode in D-major. First you will get the chords in D-major:

D: 2/4 2/3 2/2 0/1

You will as well use the chord A7:

A7: 0/4 1/3 0/2 0/1

and in the end G-major:

G: 0/4 2/3 3/2 2/1

In directive to be competent to kick up your heels Happy Birthday To You in the key of D you have to replace the chords in the consequent way:

C becomes D

G7 becomes A7

F becomes G

This revise of key will springiness you a haphazard to trill in a a little bit better sway. Of teaching there are more keys that you can use. We have distinguishable key preferences because of our personal melodious abilities but these keys are obedient for an undisciplined sound at lowest.

Now you can let down your hair the guitar chords to the mantra Happy Birthday To You in two keys!

There will be liberal of opportunities for you to leap this composition. Learn it by intuition one string at a juncture and you will be competent to unbend the nursery rhyme somewhere in that is an guitar.

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